Monday, June 4, 2012

My Short Little Amusing "Mommy" Blogpost

In these days of mommy blogs, I thought I'd share an observation from years ago, based on an  interaction between by then-four-year-old daughter and one of her peers.

I had arrived to pick up my four-year-old daughter from preschool and chanced upon the following conversation between her and a little classmate named Marie:

"My mommy says I can write my letters better than anybody," said little Marie. "My mommy says I keep my room neater than anybody," she continued. "My mommy says I am the best in the school."

Undeterred, my daughter responded with a thoughtful look, and then broke into an exuberant smile, exclaiming, "My mommy says I'm the most wonderfullest kid in the world!" Then she paused, and quickly added in a world-weary tone: "But Marie, you know how all these mommies are!"

As they say.... Out of the mouths of babes...

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